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Welcome to! We are Jorge and Niki, a passionate couple committed to helping homeowners like you transform their houses and gardens into the envy of the neighborhood. With years of experience in home improvement projects, landscape design, and a keen eye for aesthetics, we created a platform to share our expertise and curated products with others who want their homes to stand out.


Our story began when Jorge got bitten by the ‘curb appeal’ bug after seeing an episode about it on a home makeover show. Intrigued by how something as simple as sprucing up your exterior could profoundly impact your home’s value and attractiveness, he started experimenting with different ideas and techniques.

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Curb Appeal Makeup is for Everyone

Soon enough, Niki caught onto his enthusiasm: Together they would spend hours discussing various landscaping options, color schemes for exteriors, or even ways to add character through statement decorations. Before they knew it, making homes look stunning from the curbside had become both their hobby and obsession! Combining our passion with hands-on experience gave us a deep understanding of what works best when trying to make any space beautiful – be it picking perfect furniture pieces or contemplating floral arrangements that attract hummingbirds. But we also realized that achieving true curb appeal isn’t easy when you don’t know where to start or which products you need.

That is why starting Curb Appeal Makeup felt like the natural next step: Our website offers tons of inspiration through blog posts and features vetted affiliate products that ensure every homeowner can find great items at competitive prices – all without compromise on quality. With this website as our canvas, we want everyone visiting it – whether beginners dipping their toes into landscaping projects or experienced pros looking for innovative ideas – to know they will leave feeling inspired and empowered in creating true curb appeal artistry at their own homes!

Today, is not just an affiliate marketing website but a thriving community where homeowners worldwide can connect to share their stories, experiences, and witness the transformational power of a well-planned makeover. Our mission and passion is to help people create stunning outdoor spaces they can be proud of. Together with you, we’re on a journey to make every house and garden truly shine – one curb at a time. Thank you for letting Jorge, Niki & CurbAppealMakeup be your guides on this exciting design adventure!
Yours, Jorge & Niki

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